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Common Foot Complications Caused By Diabetes

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Diabetes is a complex health condition that affects different parts of the body. Many people who have diabetes experience a variety of complications with their feet, and some of these complications can be very serious. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you will need to find a podiatrist, which is a foot doctor. You will need regular appointments with a foot doctor as well as your primary care physician and endocrinologist. When you have diabetes, it is essential to take care of your feet and seek care right away if complications arise. Some common foot complications that people with diabetes experience include the following.


It is very common for people who have diabetes to have nerve damage in their feet, which leads to neuropathy. Neuropathy may cause you to feel pins and needles in your feet, or you may experience nerve pain. In many cases, neuropathy can cause numbness, so people may injure their feet and not realize it. For example, if neuropathy causes numbness in your feet and you get a bad cut on your foot, you may not even feel it. In this type of situation, the cut can become infected if it is not properly treated. When you begin experiencing neuropathy in your feet due to diabetes, it is important to contact your foot doctor. 


Unfortunately, people who have diabetes are more prone to suffering ulcers on their feet. In some cases, the ulcers may be small, but a lot of people end up getting large ulcers. If you're also experiencing neuropathy in your feet, the ulcers may not cause pain, but you should not ignore them. When foot ulcers are not treated, they can quickly become infected and develop major complications. In the event that you notice that you have one or more ulcers on your feet, you need to see your foot doctor. Your foot doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics and will carefully clean the ulcer.

Bad Circulation in Feet and Ankles

Diabetes can negatively affect blood circulation, especially in the feet. Signs that your feet have bad circulation include discoloration and feeling cold. When a person has poor circulation in their feet due to diabetes, walking regularly is often recommended since moderate exercise is great for improving blood flow. Depending on how bad the circulation in your feet is, your foot doctor may prescribe medication to help promote blood flow in your feet and ankles. 

Contact a foot doctor for more information.