Podiatry Treatments For Kids

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Footing The Bill: How To Pay Your Podiatrist For Services Rendered

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As a general rule, most specialists are paid for their services via healthcare insurance, but what if you do not have insurance? If you were already seeing a podiatrist when you lost your insurance, then what do you do? What happens if you need to see a podiatrist, but you cannot cover the costs? Here are a few ways you can approach this problem and still treat your foot pain, foot fungus, and foot diseases. Read More»

3 Foot Issues You Should Not Ignore

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Anytime there is pain in the body, it’s usually a warning something is not quite right. It may be minor, such as a sore back from moving, or it may be severe, like that of a gallbladder acting up. One of the most annoying pains is foot pain. It may not always be severe, but it certainly can make life more miserable. Foot pain can make it difficult to walk, work, and exercise. Read More»