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Three New Year's Resolutions That Are Good For Your Feet

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Are you tired of making the same New Year's resolutions time and time again? Maybe you resolve to lose weight or to get healthier. While these are good resolutions, they're not really that exciting or specific. Why not make this the year you focus on your feet at New Years? After all, you stand and walk on your feet every day; healthier feet make for a healthier you. Here are three New Years' resolutions that are good for your feet.

Only buy good-quality shoes.

It's all too easy to be tempted by an inexpensive, yet fashionable pair of shoes. Only $10 for a pair of heels? Only $12 for sneakers? The thing is, when shoes are this inexpensive, they're usually not made to support your feet. Wear them regularly, and you'll be more prone to issues like bunions and corns, since they may rub and lack support in the arch. Make 2017 the year when you only buy good-quality, well-fitting shoes. You'll have a lot less foot pain and reduce your risk of serious foot ailments as you age. A good strategy is to find a brand that fits your unique foot shape well, and then stick with that brand.

Soak your feet in Epsom salts each Friday.

Resolve to spend 20–30 minutes relaxing and soaking your feet at the end of every workweek. This will benefit you in a few ways. First, the Epsom salts help kill bacteria and fungi that can cause infections. Second, they penetrate your skin to relax sore, stiff muscles. This can help prevent a little muscle soreness from developing into something more serious, like plantar fasciitis. Making an Epsom salts bath is very easy. Just dissolve about ¼ cup of Epsom salts in a pan of warm water, and sink your feet in.

Invest in good socks.

Are your socks laden with holes? Maybe they're worn thin in some areas, but you still slip them on in the morning. Your socks are not just a fashion accessory. They're meant to reduce friction so you don't end up with blisters, and absorb a little shock so you don't suffer from ailments like Achilles tendinitis. Make this the year you set out to replace all of your old, worn socks with good, thick ones made from wicking material. Then, stick to this resolution—get rid of socks when they start to become worn, rather than trying to squeeze a few more months' of use out of them.

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